Portfolio Watch

Proactive, continuous underwriting - monitoring for financing opportunities across your entire portfolio.

We underwrite, for you, every day.

With our cloud underwriting, we underwrite entire portfolios with real-time price adjustments every day. 

You want to know when prices move, when new debt programs become available, when valuations rise and when is it best to refinance.

We'll know about financing opportunities before your lender will. 

Cloud Underwriting at Scale

Our model can process thousands of properties in parallel. 

Armed with millions of data points, our accuracy is unparalleled.

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+300,000 Properties

With operations & financial data - used to fuel our proprietary machine learning comp algorithm.

+50 Financing Options

We compute real-time pricing across Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CMBS, FHA, banks and more.

+1,000 Data Variables

Our model uses data for market trends, comparable properties, recent crime, nearby environmental hazards, job growth, recent financing & other transactions to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

+1 Million

Data Records

Connecting your portfolio is simple and only takes a few minutes. We accept Excel, CSV, FTP, or API integration.

Connect simply.

Cloud Underwriting analyzes each asset across Fannie, Freddie, HUD, CMBS & more to identify top financing options for each asset.

Identify Diligently.

TapCap has proprietary wholesale channels and vendor relationships to achieve the lowest rates. We'll take care of the due diligence collection, vendor management and the entire loan process for you.

Execute Seamlessly.

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The lender for the digital age.

We're a fully digital commercial real estate lender. As underwriters, software engineers and data scientists, we believe getting a commercial mortgage should be simple, efficient, and most of all, transparent.

The team, tech and know-how are the result of 5 years of incubation as Greystone Labs, the R&D team fueling Greystone's multi-billion dollar loan origination platform, where we designed, developed and deployed apps that processed over $3Bn in loan originations.