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What is TapCap?

TapCap is the industry’s first fully digital nationwide multifamily lending company. We thrust the stale, outdated commercial mortgage model into the future by introducing a fully digital approach to the multifamily loan process that is simple, transparent and secure. 

Through our digital platform and web-based loan app, borrowers can access real-time, transparent financing options within minutes. 

Most importantly, we quote responsibly and deliver on our terms. We promise there will be no hidden fees or surprises, and if anything should change with your loan, you will be the first to know. 

What kind of lending do you do?

Our online process is streamlined for refinancing and acquisition of existing multifamily properties (5+ units) across conventional, student, military, seniors and affordable housing. We currently offer financing options from Agency, HUD, and CMBS. 

If you have a construction project or need a bridge loan, we can still assist - just reach out at hello@tapcap.co. 

How are you different from my current lender?

TapCap is fully digital - but not just for the sake of being digital. Moving the lending process online allows us to be more transparent, efficient and accessible. Behind the screens, we're a team of people who are passionate about helping you make the most informed decision about your transaction and ensuring the process is executed seamlessly. 


Transparency: This is why we started TapCap. Too often, lending is vague and opaque, and you're left in the dark until close. We're committed to breaking down any quote, whether it be from us or not, and lay out exactly what goes into your pricing (watch out for hidden fees and assumptions). We always charge the same set fee - and it happens to be half the industry standard. Most importantly, we will always communicate any change in your terms, for better or worse.


Efficiency: TapCap’s focus on efficiency makes us fundamentally different than other multifamily lenders. We're able to process greater loan volume at a lower cost while maintaining a smooth borrower experience.

Accessibility: We're tuned in to the entire lifecycle of your loan. We’ll constantly monitor your portfolio for financing opportunities and remain as active and accessible after closing as we are prior, ensuring your debt is always optimized. And of course, we're digital - you can view your loan status and pricing 24/7, from any device. 

What’s your process? 

Once you sign up for our platform, you can create an initial quote for your property in less than two minutes. With more detailed information filled in through our online worksheets, you’re able to select a term from a menu of options and sign a letter of intent right from your computer. Of course, we’re always available to walk you through it.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a loan option, we’ll quarterback your transaction from start to finish, making the due diligence and closing process as seamless as possible. 

Why is your quote different than others I’ve received? 

The terms you see are live, accurate and update daily. The rates you see are based on par pricing - this means there’s no such thing as a “better” rate. Oftentimes, lenders or brokers will quote aggressively, making assumptions on the kind of rate discounts they can lobby for in order to win your business. Read our blog to know what to look out for. 

Still have questions?

You can reach out anytime at hello@tapcap.co and someone from our team can answer any questions you have. We’re excited to work with you. 

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We're a fully digital commercial real estate lender. As underwriters, software engineers and data scientists, we believe getting a commercial mortgage should be simple, efficient, and most of all, transparent.

The team, tech and know-how are the result of 5 years of incubation as Greystone Labs, the R&D team fueling Greystone's multi-billion dollar loan origination platform, where we designed, developed and deployed apps that processed over $3Bn in loan originations. 

The lender for the digital age.