Multifamily Financing.Simplified.

A convenient, cutting-edge lender for the digital age, providing real-time financing options at your fingertips. 

The mortgage experience for commercial properties hasn’t changed much in the last few decades. The service is stale, the process is antiquated and the experience is full of shocks and delays.

You deserve a better experience.

It's time for an update.

Our Process

Step One: Input Property Information

Access the app from your computer or mobile device. With a few data points, we pull market activity and thousands of comparable properties to provide a tailored property evaluation.

Step Two: Review Financing Options

Our model searches across multiple loan platforms for applicable programs, market promotions and active price breaks to deliver the most optimized options for your property.

Step Three: Select Your Term

Once you've selected a term, we'll guide you step-by-step through the process, all the way to closing.

"TapCap is unlike other major online commercial loan products. It will keep borrowers out of a 'black box' and stave off any 'shocks' that might arise at the closing table."

Financing Available for Multifamily Projects




  • 5 and above residential units
  • Conventional, student, military, seniors, affordable
  • Nationwide, USA
  • $1M+ loan proceeds
  • Non-recourse
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • 1.2 DSCR
  • Refinance & acquisition
  • Market rate, stabilized
  • 5-35 year terms
  • Fixed & floating rates
  • Interest-only available

Underwriting, meet data science.

Our underwriting algorithm leverages over 10,000 transactions and over 100,000 property comparables to deliver absolute precision.

Real-time finance options.

This is not a simple mortgage calculator. Loan pricing is updated in real time, so your rates and proceeds are always accurate.

No shocks.Only pleasant surprises.

Lenders traditionally quote aggressively to win your business, but there's a 50-50 chance those won't be the terms you receive at the closing table.

We deliver on our terms. We quote responsibly.

Proactive. Transparent.

You shouldn’t be kept in the dark about your loan. We don’t wait until the final stretch to notify you of material changes. As soon as we know, you know.

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We're a fully digital commercial real estate lender. As underwriters, software engineers and data scientists, we believe getting a commercial mortgage should be simple, efficient, and most of all, transparent.

The team, tech and know-how are the result of 5 years of incubation as Greystone Labs, the R&D team fueling Greystone's multi-billion dollar loan origination platform, where we designed, developed and deployed apps that processed over $3Bn in loan originations. 

The lender for the digital age.